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Why you should try new stuff

posted by Peter August 22, 2016 0 comments

Someone suggests you should come along to a knitting class…try it.

A friend asks if you’d like to attend a demonstration of how to ice a cake…go and have a look.

A stranger asks if you’d like to come and listen to a talk…go on.

As long as the new thing isn’t going to involve possible injury, check out something that you haven’t done or seen or been involved with before.

There’s a risk you might enjoy new stuff!

There’s a risk you might enjoy it – and that’s an aspect of life that you really can’t have enough of.

There’s also the risk that you’ll meet some interesting people.

Naturally, there’s also the risk that you’ll neither enjoy it, nor its people – but at least then you know.

At the same time, be a bit sceptical, especially if someone starts asking you for money, or if you think it could be a cult.

But, generally speaking, having a go at something is something you should do…whenever, wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Don’t worry about other peoples’ reactions either.

How you lead your life, the things that provide you with pleasure (assuming it is not at the expense of someone else) is entirely your concern.

You don’t have to justify doing anything either – beyond the fact that you were curious.

Life’s short, so…have a go.


With regard to knitting it isn’t just a woman’s pursuit. In centuries past men did a great deal of knitting, and as David Demchuk suggests in his blog it may even be a way to attract the attention of the opposite sex (if you’re a guy that is!)

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