Why you should say hello to older people

posted by Peter September 26, 2016 0 comments

Now it’s an incredible concept to get your head around…but old people were once young.

That’s right, they weren’t always that (slightly) decrepit person who doesn’t really understand how the interweb works.

And the main reason you should say hello is that generally speaking, having traversed time and paid for it in years, they’re often quite interesting, often quite wise. Many of them (OK, us) are also quite funny.

Old people usually like young people too – we enjoy your enthusiasm, risk taking, view of the world, opportunities you’ll take, the contributions you may make.

So, say hello. Even a simple acknowledgement in a supermarket, a ‘how’s it going’ on a bus, a chat won’t cost you anything and can potentially be very rewarding.

Some of us are grumpy – but it’s not that hard to get away

Of course, some of us will simply be miserable and grumpy – but it’s not that hard to get out, get away from that sort of person.

In other words, you have nothing to lose and lots of upside.

And one other thing.

Especially say hello to someone older that you knew from your own youthful past – someone you had a connection to earlier in your life.

Most often we’ll be pretty sure we know you.

But, as a young person, you change so much in looks during your teens and early twenties, that we can’t be sure.

So, say hello, re-introduce yourself, and have a chat.

You’ll a highlight of the day for two people in that way – yourself and the other person.

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