Why you should be wary when receiving advice

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Why you should be wary about receiving advice

About a million years ago, well OK about 40, a farmer neighbour/cousin of our family was teaching me how to shear a sheep.

Now I don’t remember that much of what Paddy Kerr taught me about removing a fleece, but he did pass on one morsel of wisdom that’s stayed to this day.

“The great thing about advice,” Paddy said, “is you don’t have to take it.”

He’s absolutely right.

Throughout your life you’ll find well-meaning, as well as know-it-alls, the smart and the stupid who will say you should or shouldn’t do a particular thing, take a particular course of action.

Take it onboard, be polite, and figure whether it actually applies to you. Consider it, act on it if it is useful.

Everybody’s situation is different, and so is their advice

The thing is – everybody’s situation is different.

So; the advice may indeed be applicable, very useful and the right way to go.

But, and it is a big but, it may be absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Therefore – think, think again, and then act.

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