Why you should always retain the ability to walk away

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In theory, this piece of advice applies mostly to a relationship, or relationships.

But it is also is relevant to work, friends, your smartphone or any situation.

However if we look at it from a relationship point of view, particularly after you’ve hooked up, become an item, call it what you will, then…..never allow yourself to become so dependent (i.e. lose your independence), you feel like you’re trapped. It is possibly the worst of all feelings.

(It may mean listening to your own gut reaction).

Now, your journey through life is, and will be by definition, your own. No one else will ever have quite the mix of experiences and involvements you will.

Never become too emotionally dependent on someone else

Becoming that emotionally dependent on someone else, to the extent that only they can or do validate every other aspect of your life is a spiral to hell.

Nobody can or should be that controlling of you. If they are, or if you let them, you have to ask…why. You have to (re)evaluate yourself. Why?

Yes, it can feel perversely appealing to think that someone else is in control of your life. It certainly gives some easy outs…neither success nor failure is your fault in that scenario.

However that comes at great cost to your soul – in this case defined as your own inner being.

And sure, it is lovely to walk hand in hand beside someone to jointly confront the challenges of life. It doesn’t mean walking in their shadow though.

You always have choice, and should strongly retain the choice to walk away.

It may mean you walk away with nothing.

But…you still take your soul with you.


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