Why women want to be cherished and men want to be wanted

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After the age of about seven you get over the idea that love is fairy tale and that Prince Charming and the beautiful maiden all live happily ever after.

Well, mostly.

Because it all comes down to what you mean by love. That is love after the lust bit has been eroded away somewhat. Love with the blinkers off. Love as a verb, not a noun (= love as an action or doing, not love as a name or concept).

The cherish versus wanted bit

Which means when it comes to the day to day stuff, love takes on a different hue for males and females…the cherished versus wanted bit.

If you check out some of the synonyms of cherished you’ll come up with prized and precious.

Do the same for wanted and it is more down the line of needed and required.

Cherished is being made to feel special by the most important man in a woman’s (loving) life.

It doesn’t have to happen (in fact probably shouldn’t in order for sanity to reign) every day. But a little bit of cherishment does have to happen occasionally – otherwise a good woman turns into gone one.

To put it another way – she doesn’t want to be taken for granted, and the sincere reminder of this does both people in a partnership a power of good.

That men want to be wanted is closely related to the fact we’re a slightly simpler being.

We’re much more comfortable being involved in something practical, tangible…like taking the rubbish out. A sincere thanks for being a male, in a practical sense, does us wonders.

In reality though being cherished and being wanted is the same thing really – but on different sides of the coin.

Why is this the case – it is just the way we are. Neither good nor bad, just is.

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