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Why victory often goes to the person who simply hangs in there

posted by Peter October 31, 2016 0 comments

Aesop’s fable about the race between a tortoise and a hare – where the tortoise wins because it keeps on keeping on while the hare mucks around – is still, often, true.

In many instances in life it is not someone else you’re competing against.

Sometimes your biggest competition is…yourself

Sometimes, and particularly in those things that are of importance to you – it is you.

So it might be something like losing weight, stopping smoking (or some other addiction), studying or learning a new skill.

In those cases, keep on giving it one more day. Hang in there, keep on turning up to the challenge.

Also remember, especially when it comes to matching wits or skills or physical prowess against someone else, it is not necessarily the most talented or gifted person that wins.

Talent’s over-rated. (Check out this Storyline blog which says why grit is more important than talent)

Indeed, many talented people get bored more easily than we plodders. Any number of alcoholics are, or were, very talented people who have got nowhere.

Equally, most learning is not blinding ah-ha moments. Much learning builds on knowledge you already have, adding bits, having tiny insights here and there.

Your own learning is much more likely to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary – and you won’t give yourself a chance to evolve unless you…hang in there.


Most situations in life aren’t binary in a meaning and purpose of life point of view.

Though you mightn’t win first prize (if indeed that’s an outcome), staying the course (a horse-racing term), staying on course, and crossing the finish line is still an achievement.

So, hang in there – until of course it really is time to give up. It’s usually obvious when that is the case.

At this time, listen to your gut reaction closely.

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