Why ‘love’ is the key to keeping your old car on the road

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Owning a car is, mostly, great.

Now they’re not cheap to run, and it’s not just petrol (or diesel) but also maintenance such as tyres, and repairs and insurance that also add up.

But, they do allow you to go where you want, when you want. They can also be a lot of fun.

Across my lifetime, cars have changed a lot. They’re more reliable, comfortable, economic, faster – and more complicated.

These days more car stuff is comparatively ‘hidden’, relatively more difficult to fix yourself. The electronics and computers onboard a modern car are beyond mechanical repair for the average person.

We’re also edging ever closer to self-drive, autonomous electric cars

Learn a little bit, just a little bit about how a car runs

In the meantime though, vehicles, driven by an internal combustion engine, will continue to be the norm – so it is worth knowing at least a bit about them.

This two cents worth tip is also predicated on the probability that your first and many subsequent cars will be second hand; older, and cheaper.

And, like all aging things, especially we humans, older cars are more prone to breakdown.

However, again a bit like us,

if you look after a car, keep an eye on some of their basic functions and give it a tiny amount of tender loving care (TLC), you might just end up with one of those vehicles that go forever and on the smell of an oily rag

What is the key to that?

A little bit of love. Think kindly thoughts about your vehicle, even give it a name.

And, more importantly, give it a smidgen of attention. Do the fundamental simple and basic checks and maintenance. That’s because prevention of a breakdown is way cheaper than the cure of a repair.

So, that’s the secret…a little bit of love

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