Why it is you will always be tested (except by your mother)

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Whether as a husband, boyfriend, friend who is a boy, acquaintance or random stranger, women will always test you.

A female’s psyche compels them to continually suss you out

It doesn’t matter whether they’ve known you for five minutes or fifty years – some part of a female’s psyche compels them to continually suss you out.

Part of this is to reinforce the notion that they’ve chosen right (if they’re still in love with you, [see this blog here]). On the other hand, this may be to reaffirm a notion that they’ve chosen wrong (if they’ve fallen out of love with you).

From the friend and acquaintance perspective, this testing is to make sure that you haven’t become a wimp overnight and that you’re still worth knowing (or, at the very least, acknowledging that they know you).

Ironically, these tests aren’t so much to find out whether you agree with her opinion. (Some of it is also around the notions of Why females talk the way they do).

That’s somewhat irrelevant.

The tests are to find out whether you actually have an opinion – at least one you’re prepared to put on the line.
That is, providing an answer and being prepared to defend it.

Now, you’re allowed to, admired even, to change that opinion in the light of new information. Indeed such an act is considered somewhat virtuous compared to dogmatically defending a position in spite of new information.

Alternatively ask them what they think? And why they think it?

You too can agree or disagree with their point of view – everyone is entitled to it.

Just don’t change your opinion straightaway if they happen to come up with a convincing argument. Give yourself the advantage of…I’ll have to think about that.

As for your mother. She probably does want to know what her boy thinks – but she won’t judge you for it.

As such, there is no wrong answer from a mother’s point of view – (except for when there is one of course).

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