About me


WIWMDTM is run by Peter Kerr. I am a child from the late 1950s, and as well as being a dad, son, brother, uncle, partner, friend and work colleague, as well as being a writer, have done many things in life. In paying for my experiences with time, I’ve put together these bites of (re)refined wisdom.


This started as a thought exercise around the advice I’d pass onto my children if I found out I was dying (soon). It has morphed into this blog – which others are encouraged to add to and improve. It seeks to be an interesting, informative and entertaining way for others to make some of their own life journeys have slightly fewer mistakes.


This blog will eventually (hopefully) become an ebook as one means of monetizing it. WIWMDTM has a variety of subjects, challenges and dilemmas that most of us face in life. They are my personal opinion, as well as the opinions of others and should not be construed as being professional advice. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time – since new knowledge and information invariably brings new viewpoints!